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Product Redesign

94% of users do not trust outdated websites, and half of them find poorly optimized mobile-friendly websites frustrating. As a result, nearly 70% of users prefer to buy a product or service through a mobile-friendly website than from a competitor (even if the price is higher).

Ernest Dołęga-Wołkowycki — Head of Digital at LUX MED

“We were impressed by their flexibility and willingness to adapt throughout the project lifecycle.”

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When is the time for redesign?

Challenges and implementation process

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91% of users
will not share negative feedback about online experiences and will stop using the solution without a word

The development of online business brings challenges that affect mature organizations. One of the key aspects is migration to a new technology platform. This is a necessary step to meet market demands and keep your business competitive.

Product redesign challenges

The first is technological debt. Technological limitations encountered by customers impede the implementation of ambitious solutions tailored to market needs.

The refresh gives space to design a new functional layer of the product, enabling solutions and processes that are more intuitive for the user and effective for the business. The moment of redesign allows for refreshing the visual and communicative layer of the product.

An important aspect of this process is also designing a new information architecture, navigation, and appropriately adjusting SEO strategies and marketing activities to the new platform. Therefore, careful development of the project, taking into account technological constraints and frameworks upon which it will be based, is extremely important.

Our process - the path to success

Below we present a work process that perfectly addresses the challenges of modern online business and has been tested by us many times. The method consists of three key blocks of activities that together lead to project success.

Strategic stage

Block - Analysis of the client's business

  • Analysis of the client's business context and collection of requirements
  • Usability audit of the current solution
  • Quantitative data analysis
  • Qualitative data analysis

Block - Analysis of customer needs

  • Analysis of reports and market research
  • Surveys and user tests extended with in-depth interviews (IDI)
  • Development of User Persona and Customer Journey Map

Block - Market environment analysis

  • Competitor analysis and desk research
  • Definition of competition strengths and weaknesses
  • Feature benchmarking - comparison of product features


  • Developing a strategy based on the client's business needs and user needs, combined with knowledge of the market environment
  • Defining the product's USP, i.e., areas desired by users, where the client is strong, and the competition is weak
  • Creating a set of value propositions that constitute the market differentiators for the client's business
  • Prioritizing areas based on market value, potential business benefits, and implementation costs

UX/UI stage

Block - UX

  • Designing information architecture and process flows
  • Creating functional mockups for key views

Block - UI

  • Graphic brief and debrief
  • Moodboards (color scheme, typography, graphic components, illustrations, photos)
  • Design of selected UI views based on functional mockups

UX plans - Proprietary solution

  • Developing of a model based on “UX plans” to enable collaborative work on a text document
  • Designing with “UX plans” increases the speed, efficiency, and quality of the project

Optimization stage

Optimization process

  • Analysis and selection of areas for optimization
  • Collection of in-depth quantitative and qualitative information
  • Definition of research hypotheses
  • Development of variants
  • Testing and implementation

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Redesign — benefits

We develop our projects based on years of experience rooted in a balanced approach to UX/UI and systematic optimization. Our process provides comprehensive support at every stage, from analysis to implementation. Thanks to it, we achieve exceptional results tailored to the client's product requirements and market environment.

Three steps to success


Thorough analysis of the current situation, customer needs and market environment


Develop a redesign strategy that takes into account all the key vectors of product change


Designing a new version of the product taking into account the implementation context and marketing guidelines

Best practices

Collaboration and communication

Our best practices are based on closer cooperation and open communication. We involve all stakeholders in the project, including client teams, branding agencies, UX agencies, IT companies, and other key entities. We believe in the power of synergy and collective engagement that shapes excellent redesign strategies.

Flexible methodology

We work in an agile methodology that allows frequent and effective communication, especially in the initial stage of the project. We focus on regular meetings and teleconferences that allow for early entry into the project “tracks”. These established frameworks form the foundation, facilitating the maintenance of project continuity and quality.

Quality control and continuous optimization

We place great emphasis on quality control through regular revisions of strategic assumptions. This ensures that our projects align with strategic assumptions and aspirations. It is this process that allows us to create documents such as the “UX Foundation”, which serves as a solid foundation for our activities.

Testing and implementation

We implement our solutions through multivariate testing and ongoing optimization. This allows us to improve the project at every stage, taking into account user feedback and current market needs. Our practices are based on a dynamic approach that continually strives for excellence.

Dedicated team

We have a dedicated team that fits perfectly into the context of a given project. We ensure that this team is appropriately diverse and competent. Ideally, we have an internal team that meticulously supervises and executes the project. This is a key element of our proven practices.

Our experience in projects confirms that these practices are crucial to success. Thanks to them, every project is conducted with full commitment, quality control, and a pursuit of excellence. Discover with us the world of design based on solid foundations and proven practices.

Show system status
Maintain consistency between the system and reality
Give the user full control
Stick to standards and stay consistent
Prevent errors
Let you choose, rather than force you to remember
Ensure flexibility and efficiency
Take care of help and documentation

(usability checklist)

In the course of the usability audit of pages, in addition to usability heuristics, we also use checklists. One of them is our publication Best Practices for E-commerce containing more than 200 recommendations for the design of online stores.

See what customers say about our work

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“We recommend IDEACTO as a reliable and experienced partner”

The new website was met with positive internal and external feedback, which led to an increase in sales. Ideacto establishes clear and open communication channels to ensure an efficient workflow. The team is talented in a variety of service areas.

“They are passionate about design and optimization”

Ideacto's work was well received. The team ensures high quality work and honesty in charging for their services. Customers can expect an interdisciplinary team that will take care of the proper implementation of business requirements.

“We were pleased with their work every step of the way”

Thanks to IDEACTO's efforts, the client has seen a huge increase in leads, returning users and total users. The design is very impressive. Communication and strategy were very effective.

“What impressed me the most was how well they handled the in-house workshops”

The award-winning site saw a 46% increase in conversion rate, exceeding the expectations of the internal team. Ideacto is efficient and well organized, which ensures smooth operation. The team is creative and open to attention.

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