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Starting from an expert analysis and workshop sessions, we developed a strategic concept and then designed the UX/UI layer for the new version of one of the largest virtual content platforms in Poland.

Lead Time:
Year of implementation:
Vi iniziare con il client con una analizza del mercado e una serie di taller
Vi iniziare con il client con una analizza del mercado e una serie di taller
In the next step, we design the processes and then the key views of the site
Vi iniziare con il client con una analizza del mercado e una serie di taller
In the next step, we design the processes and then the key views of the site
After implementation, we proceeded to verify the entire service to verify that none of the original business assumptions were omitted at the implementation stage

Purpose of the project

The pretext for cooperation was the creation of a new version of Publio.pl website.

The work included an expert audit of the store, deepened by interviews with customers and potential users of the store.

The results of the audit were used to identify and rectify functional errors on the website, and in the next stage, to design a new graphical layer of the store and change the logic of some processes to facilitate the use of the store's offerings.


1. PREDESIGN analysis‍

At this stage, we systematize business requirements, analyze the market environment, and define the needs and expectations of end users


2. Strategic concept

Based on the gathered information and data from the analytical stage during workshops with the client, we develop a strategic concept for the proposed solution


​​3. Information Architecture and wireframing

Before proceeding to the final project design, we develop the structure of the solution and define the key relationships between the elements of the proposed solution


4. Graphic Design

Based on the guidelines and semi-finished products developed in earlier stages, we create the final graphic design of the solution


5. Testing and optimization

The generated projects undergo testing with users, and after implementation, we carry out optimization based on available quantitative and qualitative data sources

Scope of work

We began our collaboration with Publio by thoroughly understanding the client's store by performing a comprehensive usability audit. Using the cognitive walkthrough technique, a UX specialist conducted an analysis by immersing themselves in the user's role and going through the platform's key processes.

The report was supplemented by an analysis of the market environment - both in the Polish market (direct competition) and in the international market (major players among e-book distributors).

The next stage involved individual usability testing. In total, 12 research sessions were conducted, with 8 of them on desktop devices and 4 on mobile platforms.

The research results were thoroughly discussed during a workshop with the client. We summarized the work done so far, and the outcome of the meeting was a strategic document (the UX Foundation), precisely defining the scope of planned changes within the redesign of publio.pl.

Due to the comprehensiveness of the UX Foundation document, it was decided to skip the stage of designing functional mockups and directly proceed to creating the graphical layer of the new store.

Our UI designers created an interface in accordance with the results of the analytical and research stage, client expectations, and market standards. It was decided to introduce an intense, engaging visual language that would allow Publio to stand out distinctly against visually less characteristic competition. As part of the design stage, a design system was also created containing a package of basic interface elements, described in terms of basic attributes such as colors and sizes. The purpose of the style guide is to facilitate the subsequent work of developers and ensure visual consistency across the entire platform.

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We have been working with Ideacto since 2017, and we evaluate this cooperation very positively. The flexibility, partnership approach, as well as the professionalism and experience of the team members, are huge advantages.

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