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We are an agency

We specialize in the design and optimization of digital products. In our work, we are supported by research with users and advanced AI tools to provide customers with the desired effect and user satisfaction with the use of the interface.



Key Services

  • Zgodności: Conformities: We make sure your digital assets are fully compliant with the latest WCAG standards
  • Optimization: We indicate and advise how to improve your product to make it more user-friendly for users with different needs.
  • Personalization: We understand that each project is unique, so we offer the possibility to adapt the audit to your individual requirements.
  • Legal issues: Upcoming regulations for 2024 promise stricter standards. By acting now, you will protect your website or app from future requirements and expand accessibility to more users.

Who we are
Is there an accessibility audit?

Identify barriers that prevent people with disabilities from freely accessing digital resources, as well as providing recommendations for removing them and improving overall digital accessibility.

Roots and development

Investing in a WCAG audit is crucial to:

  • Provide equal access to your digital assets for all users,
  • Fulfill legal obligations and avoid the risk of legal consequences,
  • Strengthen a positive image of your brand as responsible and accessible to everyone.

WCAG Audit — Benefits for You

  • Increase in coverage Your website/app by making it accessible to a wider group of users.
  • Reputation improvement branding and building trust by demonstrating a commitment to digital accessibility.
  • SEO optimization, because the available pages are often better indexed by search engines.

Three steps to success


Analysis and diagnosis: In-depth analysis of your digital assets to understand the current level of availability and identify areas for improvement.


Recommendations: We provide concrete, actionable recommendations that are tailored to your website or application.


Implementation Support: Not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical support in the implementation of recommendations to ensure effective improvement of accessibility.

Our methods

Our WCAG audit methodology combines both automated and manual testing techniques, including:

Automatic Test Tools:
We quickly identify and correct common accessibility errors.
Manual Expert Testing:
Our team of experts carefully scrutinizes digital assets to ensure all aspects of accessibility are met.
Users with disabilities:
We include people with different types of disabilities in the process to provide a realistic view of usability and accessibility.

Audit tailored to your needs


2 499,00 PLN

Automatic audit
  • Analysis of 10 pages

Expert review
  • Start page rating

  • Rating 1 of the indicated site

Properties under study
  • Navigation, keyboard usability, focus visibility, contrast, text equivalents, intelligibility, viewing using a screen reader.


3 999.00 PLN

Automatic audit
  • Analysis of 10 pages

Expert review
  • Start page rating

  • Rating of 3 indicated sites

Properties under study
  • Navigation, keyboard usability, focus visibility, contrast, text equivalents, intelligibility, viewing using a screen reader.

Optimal option


4 999.00 PLN

Automatic audit
  • Analysis of 20 pages

Expert review
  • Start page rating

  • Rating 7 of the indicated site

Properties under study
  • WCAG 2.1 compliance audit (AA level), content difficulty assessment: text complexity, sentence structure, simple language.

No offer for you?

We are ready to listen to your specific needs and adjust the scope of workso that the accessibility audit is as efficient as possible and tailored to your organization.

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“We recommend IDEACTO as a reliable and experienced partner”

The new website was met with positive internal and external feedback, which led to an increase in sales. Ideacto establishes clear and open communication channels to ensure an efficient workflow. The team is talented in a variety of service areas.

“They are passionate about design and optimization”

Ideacto's work was well received. The team ensures high quality work and honesty in charging for their services. Customers can expect an interdisciplinary team that will take care of the proper implementation of business requirements.

“We were pleased with their work every step of the way”

Thanks to IDEACTO's efforts, the client has seen a huge increase in leads, returning users and total users. The design is very impressive. Communication and strategy were very effective.

“What impressed me the most was how well they handled the in-house workshops”

The award-winning site saw a 46% increase in conversion rate, exceeding the expectations of the internal team. Ideacto is efficient and well organized, which ensures smooth operation. The team is creative and open to attention.

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What is a WCAG Accessibility Audit?

The WCAG accessibility audit is the process of evaluating a website or application for compliance with international accessibility standards, the purpose of which is to enable people with various disabilities to comfortably use digital resources.

An accessibility audit is for any organization that wants to make its websites or applications accessible to a wide audience, including people with disabilities, and for companies that need to meet certain legal requirements for digital accessibility.

Benefits include increased market reach, improved brand reputation, legal compliance, and potentially increased conversions and customer satisfaction with a more accessible website or app.

The duration of the audit depends on the service and the size of the audited site or application. The “Minimum” package typically includes quick analysis, while more comprehensive packages may require more in-depth research and more time for detailed reporting.

Recommendations may include modifications to the page code, improving navigation, improving text contrast and readability, adding alternative descriptions for media, facilitating keyboard navigation, and more to meet WCAG standards.

Can I get help implementing audit recommendations?

Yes, IDEACTO offers post-audit support, including assistance in the implementation of recommendations and advice on maintaining and managing digital availability.

Is an accessibility audit a one-time event?

No, digital accessibility is an ongoing process. IDEACTO may work with your organization on an ongoing basis, monitoring and updating availability as the website and legal regulations change.

How can I start working with IDEACTO?

To start cooperation, it is enough get in touch contact us through the contact form on our website, and our accessibility experts will get in touch with you early to discuss your needs and schedule an accessibility audit.