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About us

We specialize in designing and optimizing digital products. In our work, we rely on user research and advanced AI tools to deliver the desired outcome to our clients and ensure user satisfaction with the interface.



Key services

Usability audits and analyses, WCAG audits, In-depth interviews (IDI), User testing, SUS surveys, NPS surveys, User personas, User journey mapping, Information architecture, Wireframing, Functional design, Graphic design, Customer experience (CX) design, Prototyping and interaction design, A/B testing, Conversion optimization, Data analysis.

Who we are

Origins and development

IDEACTO was founded in 2008 as a consulting agency specializing in digital transformation. Over time, as we gained experience, we expanded our competencies, now providing a comprehensive range of services related to the design and optimization of digital products.

Our competencies 🛠️

  • We consider ourselves design engineers - focusing on functionalities and business goals.
  • Aesthetics - as research shows - also has a significant impact on efficiency. That is why we attach great importance to the visual dimension of our projects.
  • For over 15 years of work, we have gained experience cooperating with more than 500 clients from various industries, carrying out hundreds of thousands of design hours with them, resulting in IDEACTO's case studies.
  • We gained experience working for industries such as e-commerce, finance and insurance, IT, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, FMCG, industrial production, and the automotive industry, which gives us a deep understanding of customer needs.
  • Our team has interdisciplinary competencies - psychologists, analysts, and cultural experts are involved in the team.

Innovation and methodology 💡

We develop our own working methods, supported by modern tools, including artificial intelligence. Our methodology allows for the efficient implementation of projects and the creation of solutions tailored to the needs of clients.

Publications, knowledge and community 📚

We systematize knowledge and share it with the market environment:

  • We are authors of many publications and methodologies related to the process of redesigning digital products or designing according to values.
  • Since 2018, we have also been publishing "UX Thursday“ newsletter aimed at the UX industry, reaching over 6000 recipients. We write about the most important issues related to broadly understood product topics, which also keeps us up-to-date with what is important.
  • Thanks to our publications, in addition to the basic IDEACTO team, we have built the UX Community - a group of over six hundred experts and specialists, whom we involve in our clients' projects when needed. This is very helpful, especially if specialized domain knowledge is required, which members of the IDEACTO team do not yet have, or if a quick project start is needed. As a result, we can offer our clients efficiency, high substantive adjustment, and high team scalability.

Relationships and quality 🤝

For 15 years, we have been building strong and customer-centric relationships, delivering products of the highest quality. Evidence of this is IDEACTO's high position on the Clutch website, collecting opinions about cooperation.

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We are honest with our customers and our entire team. We give real deadlines, we do not promise impossible things. We talk openly about problems and mistakes made. We don't sweep uncomfortable things under the rug.


Credibility and trust

Budujemy zaufanie dotrzymując złożonych obietnic.



We always first look for causes and solutions on our side - and only then externally. We always fix the mistakes we make and are not afraid to admit them.


Respect and team play

We respect the work of each team member, we respect customers and their needs. We try to get everyone on our team to support each other. We believe that a cohesive team achieves more than unbeatable individualities.

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