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Study of the shopping process in online stores

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How to make better use of every dollar spent on eCommerce marketing? Optimize your shopping cart! Ideacto Agency and EyeTracking.pl have prepared a report on the study of the purchasing process in online stores.

Based on the research, guidelines were created for such elements of the store as Shopping Cart, Recommended Products, Promotions and Gifts, Delivery, Steps of the purchase process, Forms.

When conducting research, we set as the main goal to analyze the factors that can influence the final decisions and finalization of purchases. It turns out that the mere fact of the existence of the necessary information in the purchasing process may turn out to be insufficient for the customer to make a purchase. The form and place of presentation of information is important. Usability studies effectively allow us to see how customers behave in our store. This knowledge is essential to improve your online store for sales - says Joanna Kotala from Ideact.

The research was exploratory in nature and was carried out using the EyeTracking method. The sample of the subjects was 10 people. Each of the study participants could freely choose the products they wanted to buy. In this way, an attempt was made to keep the conditions of the process and the motivation as close as possible to the natural ones.

The analysis of the results of the research also used the report prepared by Elastic Path “The Ecommerce Checkout Report. A Quantitative Look at the Tactics of the Top 100 Retailers” about online stores, whose main goal was to find the correlation between conversion and individual elements of the store. Here, correlation and linear regression analysis were applied to the study, looking for the relationship between conversion and usage growth and individual store elements.

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