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Ideacto develops competencies

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The consulting agency Ideacto introduces social media activities to the offer.

The agency has so far focused on usability research, interaction design, and web strategies. As a result of a significant expansion of the portfolio of implemented projects, new needs arose in terms of traffic generation and visibility on the Internet. Today, Ideacto offers its customers comprehensive design, improvement and implementation of interactive projects.

The development of competences in the field of social media is the result of joining Marta Klimowicz's team. Marta, as part of Ideacto, will take care of e-PR activities, such as organizing virtual events, running discussion forums, microblogging and corporate blogging, brand building in social media, as well as thematically related trainings and workshops.

Thanks to its presence on discussion forums, social networks or microblogging, the company can effectively reach Internet users with its message in places where they are actually active. Skillful use of blogs or social networks in brand communication, PR or marketing activities gives much better results than standard internet advertising. Social media presence not only translates into immediate effects, but also works much more in the long term. Importantly, you should not confuse spamming forums or social networks with e-PR activities. These need to be much more subtle and tailored to the context and individual customer expectations — says Marta Klimowicz.

Marta is a PhD student in sociology, Internet researcher and blogger. She is a co-founder of the Business 2.0 initiative. Since June 2009, he has been running e-PR activities for AdTaily, a popular system for selling online ads. These include running a company blog, profiles on microblogging sites (Blip, Flaker and Twitter) and social media (Facebook and GoldenLine) and monitoring social media (including blogs) for brand presence.

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