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Ideacto designed an e-shop for Ceramiki Paradyż

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Interactive agency Ideacto made a functional and graphic design for Ceramiki Paradyż online store — a leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles. The store offers more than 3,000 products for indoor and outdoor use.

Before Ideacto experts set out to create this project, together with Ceramika Paradyż they developed an eCommerce expansion strategy. Work on the strategy included analysis of dozens of industry reports (desk reaserch analysis) and research of competition on Polish and foreign markets. In-depth research was also carried out with users — the Ideacto office was visited, among others, by architects, people responsible for construction projects and finally by potential individual clients themselves.

Meetings at the client's premises with representatives of almost all departments, who could use the planned implementation of eCommerce in their daily work, were also important. ”

Ceramika Paradyż approached the plans to implement a new sales channel extremely methodically. Creating an eCommerce expansion strategy together with Ideacto allowed us to prepare solidly for the e-store design stage and embed the entire project in business realities. This approach is especially important when working with strong off-line selling brands that are expanding their online presence.” says Marcin Cichoń, Operational Director at Ideacto, as well as Project Manager responsible for the implementation of the order for Ceramiki Paradyż.

After clarifying the strategic plan, the next stage of the project was the creation of functional mock-ups and graphics for sklep.paradyz.com. From the beginning, great emphasis was placed on the high usability of the designed solutions. After creating the information architecture and mock-ups, representatives of the target group were invited to test them. It was the conclusions of the research with users that allowed UX designers, during the next iteration, to refine the functional design.

Paradyż online store was created in the full process of User Centered Design. Based on the analytical stage, having a great knowledge of users and competitors, we proceeded to create an information architecture and a functional design. At every step, we were accompanied by the customer and users — we carried out usability tests on the prototype, which made us aware of potential problems, thanks to which we were able to give an even more refined design.” — says Robert Czekański, UX Designer at Ideacto.

During the entire order, a total of 20 views of key mockups were designed, in order to then prepare the look&fell design of the homepage and based on it “draw” further graphic views.

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