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Ideacto designed the websites of two hotels in Masuria — Hotel Willa Port and Hotel Platinum

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Creative eCommerce Agency Ideact carried out the redesign of two hotel services in Ostróda. Hotel Villa Port and Hôtel Platinum belong to the Condohotels Group chain — a hotel operator with four investments in its group located in Masuria. In addition to the aforementioned Villa Port and Platinum are the Hotel & Resort Plaza and the Villa Port Residences

The aim of Ideacto's work was a comprehensive redesign of websites. During the project, one functional project was created, common for both hotel facilities. UX designers at Ideacto created mockups of the website including the main page and a dozen subpages.

The functional design also included the availability of the service on mobile devices. RWD technology is used (Responsive Web Design), which allows you to smoothly change the appearance of the website depending on the screen size of the device used by the Internet user.

Based on the functional design, two separate graphic designs were created, one for each of the hotels. As standard in the case of projects implemented by Ideacto, the graphic department provided two independent graphic lines look&feel of the service. Together with the client, the base version was selected, on the basis of which the work on the layout of the subpages was continued.

Both services were implemented on the WordPress platform using RWD technology. The IT work also included integrations with the ProfitRoom booking system.

Ideacto's cooperation with Condohotels Group did not end only with the redesign of hotel websites. Currently, under the signed contract for permanent e-marketing services, Ideacto experts conduct SEM activities in the field of AdWords text and image ads.

“We believe that only by knowing our clients' business well, we are able to work efficiently and bring great results. The projects implemented for Condohotels Group are a perfect example of this — by redesigning two websites, we could get to know each other and decide to extend the cooperation also to the area of e-marketing activities.” — explains Marcin Cichoń, Chief Operating Officer at Ideacto.

After refreshing the websites, all that remains is to invite everyone to visit Ostróda in person. It is worth recommending the Hotel Willa Port for family getaways or the Platinum Hotel for the organization of a corporate conference.

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