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Impactor for the ENERGI campaign

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Competition “Light up for the holidays — with ENERGY!” was the winner of the Impactor 2010 award. The action won in the category Custom Marketing Project of the Year 2010. Behind the project is a consortium of companies: ENERGA, Agora, PanMedia Western, Neuron, Ideacto.

The competition for outstanding Christmas illuminations aimed to build among residents of large and medium-sized cities the recognition and awareness of the ENERGA brand as a modern company, whose asset is to provide the most ecological electricity in Poland.

“Shine Yourself” consisted of two competitions - a plebiscite of cities and a photo competition for individuals. In a two-stage plebiscite for the most beautifully lit cities in Poland, Internet users chose the most beautifully decorated city, which, in addition to the title, received household appliances, to donate to a social goal of their choice. In contrast, in the photo competition, photos of Christmas trees, houses, gardens and balconies stood in the fight for attractive prizes.

The project implemented on www.Swiecsie.pl was promoted through integrated PR and ePR activities mainly in local media and supported by activities in the media of the Agora group.

The fun was supported by a fanpage and two applications on Facebook.com. Thanks to the first application “Light Map of Poland”, everyone could “light a light” for their city and encourage their friends to do so. In turn, “Christmas tree” is an e-card, on which in the form of baubles and candles it was possible to collect wishes from friends, acquaintances and family.

The competition “Shine for the holidays” was very widely echoed in the media. By the end of 2010, 30 articles were written on this topic in 26 press titles, 300 publications on local websites and websites of city offices. 75,000 people used the “Christmas tree” application on FB. In 17 days, 261,000 people used the “Light Map of Poland” application, and 127,000 voted for one of the cities participating in the game. The profile of “Shine Yourself” on FB has gained 29,000 fans.

The creators of the competition are: Jarosław Kozłowski (ENERGA SA), Nikodem Krajewski (Ideacto), Krzysztof Pecheski (Neuron APR), Marcin Pietruszka (Agora SA), Agnieszka Lizon (PanMedia Western).

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