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Impactor for “Shine Up” for the second time

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The competition and plebiscite “Shine for Christmas with ENERGY” won the Impactor statuette in the category Custom Marketing Project of the Year 2011. This is the second distinction — the same award was given to “Shine Yourself” last year. The organizers of the project are ENERGA, Ideacto, Agora, Neuron and PanMedia Western, this year Praktiker also joined the consortium.

In the two-stage plebiscite, Internet users voted for the most brightly lit city in Poland. In the photo competition, they submitted their photos to one of four categories: My Home, My City, KreAction and Praktiker. The winner of the Plebiscite was Szczecin and it was there that the household electronics went to donate to the chosen social purpose (the prize went to the family orphanage).

Competition and plebiscite activities were held on the website www.swiecsie.pl and on the fanpage of the action and in the Facebook application. Both platforms were promoted through integrated PR and ePR activities carried out in the local media and in the media of the Agora group. The city authorities also joined the action, encouraging people to play together and vote for their city.

The visual goal of the Competition was to build awareness among the audience of the ENERGA brand as a modern and focused on providing energy-saving solutions company.

This year's edition of “Shine Yourself” attracted more than 100,000 people. Internet users. The Swiecsie.pl website had more than 580 thousand entries, Internet users cast a total of 63 thousand votes in the plebiscite and submitted more than 3 thousand photos for an individual photo contest. The Facebook profile www.facebook.com/swiecsie gathered more than 54 thousand fans who actively participated in the fun throughout its duration.

The creators of the competition are: Jarosław Kozłowski (ENERGA SA), Nikodem Krajewski (Ideacto), Krzysztof Pechski (Neuron APR), Marcin Pietruszka (Agora SA), Agnieszka Lizon (PanMedia Western), Krzysztof Włodarczak (Praktiker).

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