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Creative eCommerce agency Ideacto sums up 2014

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132 projects, 120 user surveys, 365% profit growth — these are just some of the statistics summarizing 2014 at the creative eCommerce agency Ideacto.

The year 2014 brought a lot of success for the interactive agency in Wrocław. The company recorded a 365% increase in profits and 85% higher revenues than in previous years. The agency team has worked on more than 130 projects, including for major brands such as: Samsung, Ceramics Paradise, ING Bank Śląski.

- All the projects carried out by our team bring us a lot of reasons for pride and satisfaction. We are pleased that their quality is also appreciated in independent competitions, as evidenced by Ideacto's Webstar award in the Creative category, among others — says Marcin Cichoń, Chief Operating Officer at Ideacto.

A lot has been going on inside the agency over the past year as well. Ideacto underwent a change in the visual identity of the company, as part of which a new website was created. The agency also gained its first experience in organizing its own educational events, starting the Ideacto Academy training series for project managers and eCommerce specialists.

- Resolutions are associated with summaries. We definitely want to grow in our existing services, and we have an appetite for even more. Statistics say a lot about what we have achieved, but the most important thing is that we still have no shortage of ideas on how to support our clients' e-businesses. We are looking forward to the opportunity to implement creative eCommerce with them — adds Nikodem Krajewski, CEO of Ideacto.

See the summary of the year 2014 in the Ideacto agency: infographics

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