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Microcopy and UX writing — what is it all about?

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User experience, or UX (User Experience) to customize products
digital to the needs and expectations of users. Applies to both the handling and structure of the site
website or mobile application, as well as its content. Matching to the user of the right
Communication is the domain of UX writing. What exactly is it and why is it so needed?

UX writing and microcopy — what are they?

UX writing is creating content for users of a digital solution. Prepared
texts are intended to be understandable, legible and to assist clients in completing tasks, e.g.
contact by phone, booking a visit or purchasing a product. With UX writing it links
There is the concept of microcopy, that is, concise content that is published on the website. Belong
including short instructions, messages and comments, supporting users in
operation of the digital product.

Why is UX writing necessary?

UX writing is one of the most important elements of User Experience, which omitting can
result in the failure of the entire project. The method of communication and all content have
a huge impact on the customer experience when using the application or the website,
which has a direct impact on the success of the venture. The consumer who comes across
Difficulties are likely to quickly interrupt activities, switching to the offer of competitors.
Do UX writers and copywriters do the same thing?
The basic types of content that are found on any website are macrocopy
and microcopy. Macrocopy is a longer written form, including detailed instructions, contracts,
descriptions of categories or products. Most often, a copywriter is responsible for their creation.
In turn, microcopy, or shorter forms, includes CTA (call-to-action).
call to action) and other buttons, FAQ, content in mobile applications, bars
menus, forms, or error messages. The creation of this type of content is
UX writer.
The UX content creator creates a completely different kind of message than macrocopy, the purpose of which is different
based on the results of the content writer's work. One of his tasks is to support the client, who uses
already from the product or service, providing it with a positive experience. Content writer

while winning over customers by presenting them with brand stories, products etc., with
The use of language benefits. Its role is, in a way, to win over consumers.
UX writing — the principles of content creation
Optimal UX writing is based on simple, understandable language, concise communication and
usability, that is, to help users in their consumer journey. It is created on
on the basis of certain rules, which are:
focus on the audience — the text created by the UX writer is directed to
a specific group of users, therefore the language of the message must be thought out and
properly selected,

  • simple and understandable content — the creator must be sure that his message will be well understood, so it must be as simple as possible. Difficult and vague concepts do not find application here. The recipient expects clear and specific advice in order to complete the tasks as soon as possible,
  • short messages — the message should be specific and short, so it is advisable to give up excess words. The whole thing is to be useful and helpful,
  • Readability — the key to success is speed of reading and simplicity in perception. Simple and logical sentences will certainly help the user more than repeatedly complex ones. It is necessary to have relevant headlines and a division of content, which is worth pointing out, which will attract the reader's eyes,
  • consistency of content with the brand - messages and other content should be maintained in a single style, consistent with the way the brand communicates.

A professional UX writer needs to pay attention to whether the most important information goes to
users quickly. The consumer wants to find the answer to the question that bothers him in how
the shortest time. So he needs to know what the effect will be, for example, of clicking on a given button.
If something different happens than what they expected, they can forego further action.
What is important, most users are visually impaired — their attention is attracted by, among other things, interesting
infographics. They will find the information they need faster than in a long and uninteresting
visually a wall of text. Of course, choosing the right words is key. It may have
positive impact on conversion growth and, consequently, profit.

Why combine the powers of UX and SEO?

A huge support for UX writing is SEO. These areas combine to form the SXO, that is
Optimizing the user experience. UX is having an increasing impact on Google.
Therefore, the better the site looks (both in terms of visual, content and
usability), the greater the chance of obtaining measurable for the enterprise

Even the best polished area of SEO will not bring the expected results if the client
will feel bad on a given website or in a mobile application. Perhaps he will come up with a solution
quickly, but negative experiences will convince him to continue his search and take advantage of
competitive offers. On the other hand, negligence in the matter of SEO, despite making every effort in
UX area, will not allow the consumer to quickly find a digital product. Little
who decides to view more than a dozen pages of search results. SXO is
Responding to all customer needs.


Optimal UX writing and accurate microcopy are the way to success of any project
a digital solution. Reaching the customer, using the right message, affects his
positive experience with the website or mobile application. This in turn translates
to increase the conversion and profit of the enterprise.
If you are interested in User Experience and want to know a little more about it,
how to create digital products — go to our blog and read other articles
that will give you answers to the questions that bother you. Need professional help
and consulting in the field of web analytics or research with users? Or maybe
Have you decided to redesign your website? Contact us — together we will find
the best solution!

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