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Conversion optimization - 5 types of photos that increase it

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It has long been known that a person eats with his eyes. Therefore, an interesting experiment was once organized, in which a group of gluttonous people were presented with jelly beans of different colors. The daredevils tried them one by one and without fail judged what taste they had in their mouths. In the second round, the same colors of bears were left, but their flavors were changed - red ate apples, yellow tasted strawberries, and green invaded lemon. This time no one hit - the eyes ate, the taste buds ignored.

Quality works wonders

It's the same with photos in e-commerce. The eyes choose the most delicious bites, and the wallet devours them. Therefore, the higher quality photo we show, the better opinion we will get at the start, and after all, the first impression stays with us for a very long time. As many as 63% of customers consider a good product photo to be more suggestive and opinion-forming than even its specification (MDG Advertising). A good photo — it seems to be nothing difficult, and you can still find pixelated ointments snapped by the camera on your landline phone in online stores. Not like made.com, which, in addition, puts its products in an unobtrusive context.

The devil is in the details

From the general to the detail, we look at the packaging, we read the labels, we look at the products themselves. It is no different in an online store, when a product must present itself to us from the best possible side and at a distance. It's like looking at a star in the sky — would you rather look at it through a Chinese scope from a toy store on the corner or through the Hubble telescope? And that's what the pictures of the products in the online store are all about — we create the illusion that the product is closer than on a distant server. For example, looking at shoes, the customer sharpens his eyes on sewing, trim, laces, so why not show them as in the German Blue Tomato?

Photo Finder

We are an iconographic society. If we were to write on sticky notes all the information that we are filled with every day, it would probably not fit on the refrigerator and it would turn out that we have it literally above our ears. That's why we look for information in pictures — because from them you can read them the fastest. And since we are already searching with images, it is best to put them in the search engine itself - right next to the name of the product that is displayed on our phrase. Just like Ceneo does.

Photo about the shape of a circle

Since we can not take the product in our hands, at least with the mouse let's see it from each side, in a 360-degree photo. Preparing such photographs obviously costs more time, labor and money, but it increases our conversion by 30%, according to Snap36, a provider of 3D technology, in its report. The better we know the product before buying, the less possibility that we will not like it. Referring to the aforementioned report, customers are also more likely to recommend stores that offer such goodies.

Special effects instead of green background

Product photo without background — easy to crop for the graphic artist, but showing only dry features. And what about the advantages and benefits? Suppose we sell a tea table that, by its stylish, English design, disguises itself with four legs in anticipation of placing a hot cup and a cookie on it. Well, let's lay down, let's see how our future wooden friend looks in such a climate. We buy such a table in order to feel the right way, so why not feel like it before buying? Table in the living room in the English style, at which afternoon tea is sipped by a dignified woman and her neighbor. Or a couple of young people sipping their favorite brew on the terrace in the evening circumstances of nature. This is how we make history, and people buy stories and tell them their ending.

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