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Email Marketing Personalization — Why Do You Send Emails to Strangers?

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Stefan slowly got used to the next start of the day at the office. Inevitably, the moment of looking at the post office was approaching — a wall of unread emails collapsed on it. Only some of them had anything to do with his work, the others were spam, offers, incentives to subscribe to newsletters or invitations to meetings. He went through the first few and took a look at the topic “Do you make a mass? It gives the best results...” — you don't. The second message shouted straight to him: “Stefan! Promotion for the best boneless loin” — and are lentils for vegetarians? So many emails, and none of them were sent to him. He opened the next one, although his eyelids were getting heavy...

And if so...

He glanced at the next news. In one of them — from his favorite online bookstore — he found a special invitation for regular and active customers to the only fan meeting in Poland with Dan Brown. Brilliant! He opened another email with a happy title: “Stefan, happy birthday! We have a gift for you,” he glanced at the message and his eyes lit up at the sight of free coffee waiting for him on his birthday.

See the man man in the client

A beautiful dream. Stefan woke up suddenly and lifted his head from the laptop keyboard imprinted on his cheek. The phone rang — an unknown number. He received and heard the kind voice of the consultant of the travel agency Fly.pl, who referred to a sensational holiday offer — a few days earlier Stefan had become interested in an email about the subject “Are you tired? It's time for a last minute vacation!” As if they were reading his mind. Then the tourist office sent him an SMS with a reminder of the offer described in the email and the exact information about the consultant who will be his guardian. Now a lovely consultant invites him to meet at their nearest office. This form of campaign brought Fly.pl an increase in tour sales by almost 59% compared to the period in which it did not conduct such activities.

A few first dates

Building an effective mailing base is time consuming, but it gives you the opportunity to get to know your customers — current and potential. If our target audience is quite diverse, we can create personas with whom we will precisely match our mailing.

However, Fly.pl went much further — Stefan received a message from them, because together with his family he once went on vacation under their flag, and a few days before that he browsed offers with tours — good retargeting made the most successful offers find him. An excellent idea, especially since (as indicated by marketing research) 81% of customers who have received a personalized email based on previous purchases will gladly turn the opening of such a message into making another purchase. In the evening, on the day of sending the email, the office reminded Stefan of the offer by text so that he could calmly reflect on it and meet the tour manager, who then contacted him by phone - the office showed his human face.

So how do you make friends with a customer? Patiently, step by step. And when he trusts us, he will even go with us on vacation.

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