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ux thursday

UX Thursday #117

Illustration of a forest landscape with a sky

On the first September UX Thursday we welcome you with a picturesque landscape of mountain peaks and blue sky. As stunning as these views are the articles and content that we have collected for you today — we invite you to read!

Functional design

We have already emphasized this many times, but we will certainly mention it more than once — good design is not only about paying attention to aesthetic qualities, but above all functionality and commitment. As you will read in article introductionIf we want to put customers at the heart of what we do, we must refrain from focusing solely on outputs. Instead, we must start shifting our thinking to an outcome-oriented mindset”. This means, among other things, that even the best designed and implemented product does not give a 100% guarantee of success if we do not think comprehensively and in the long term.

Choosing a payment method

Baymard Institute describes For many of us, the question of choosing a payment method in online stores is relevant. The article presents an analysis of the factors that influence customer decisions when making online purchases and statistics and data on their preferences. It also discusses best practices and strategies that can help in a variety of ways to increase conversions and improve the shopping experience of customers.

Dark mode — dos and don'ts

Experts from the Nielsen Norman Group analyzewhat challenges and issues may arise for users using dark mode on different devices, platforms and applications. Practical tips for designers and creators on how to design interfaces in dark mode are presented to give users a better experience.

Date selection

Practical design tips continued. Article published on UxPin focuses on presenting good practices related to the design of the date picker. The authors point out the most important aspects, present exemplary examples of date picker designs and consider issues related to their adaptation to different contexts and needs.

Consistent design system

In the end — case study a consistent and meticulously built Spotify system design, along with a description of how the brand consistently approaches the design, implementation and delivery of personalized experiences.

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