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ux thursday

UX Thursday #122

Illustration of a snail and a Fibonacci number

Before you the last November post with recommendations of articles from the UX industry. In today's summary you will read about, among others:

  • challenges in creating animations that meet accessibility criteria,
  • a report from UX Collective,
  • harnessing the power of design by the Slack team.

Animations available

IN article published on the Smashing Magazine website, discusses the interesting challenges of creating animations with accessibility issues in mind. The author addresses various aspects, including the impact of animation on users with sensitivity to movement, the very concept of distinguishing between animation and movement, and the conclusions drawn from the research and analysis carried out in this field. The text also discusses three categories of animations: those that do not meet the accessibility criteria, unnecessarily existing animations that you can delete, and basic animations that you can customize according to the criteria.

Report: The State of UX

Ninth edition The State of UX report prepared by UX Collective, which is a critical look at the industry has been published. You will learn, among other things, whether and to what extent AI really improves the work of designers, how to maintain a balance in design between supporting the goals of stakeholders and responding to the needs of users (and which of them becomes a secondary issue) and, last but not least, what the evolution of digital products looks like and what challenges it entails. We recommend!

Power in design

We recommend text describing how the Slack redesign process was carried out, which was initiated by the need to address the expansion of the functionality of the messenger. In the text you will find a detailed description of the design process, the first prototypes and early sketches, which were the starting point for further discussions and conversations with users and stakeholders. The essential role of research and surveys, which have been found to be helpful in validating and improving the project, is also described.

How to ask?

In May and June 2023, the Nielsen Norman Group conducted research on the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence in the form of a chatbot. The study was conducted over two weeks with 18 participants using tools such as ChatGPT 4.0, Bard and Bing Chat. The conclusions of this study have been addressed in several articles in the past, while in article entitled Prompt Structure in Conversations with Generative AI describes the structure and components of the questions asked to the chatbot and analyzed what the lack of certain components in the questions can lead to.


Finally, two design inspirations that we found during our internal research — perhaps one of the designs will also inspire you: application with cryptocurrency wallet and site Lusion Studios.

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