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ux thursday

UX Thursday #13

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We hope that the thirteenth installment of UX Thursday will not turn out to be unlucky for us. Especially since it does not lack novelties in the areas of UX and e-commerce. Today, together with Grzegorz Rogacki, we look at the future of stationary stores, and in turn Małgorzata Jabłońska and Natalia Bienias will take us into the world of neuroscience. Also, a little about tooltips, effective landing pages and unusual holidays.

By the way — did you know that today is Jojo Day? 🙂

1. Will stationary stores survive?

Architect Grzegorz Rogacki in his article outlines the direction of change faced by brick-and-mortar store owners and points to the changing role of off-line trade.

2. Promo for every day

Nap Day at Work, Good Advice Day or maybe World Juggling Day? Quarticon experts suggesthow to take advantage of various opportunities to increase sales in online stores.

3. We tell you about the prompts

What are tooltips, probably everyone knows, but how to turn them into real benefits for business? You will read about it in Text by Katrina Balboni. You will also find a few examples and a great video at the end.

4. We increase conversion

How to create the perfect landing page and keep a customer on it? We have seven rules for you. through which it can succeed.

5. Video: Neuroscience, Art and Design

How do the brain and creative activity affect each other? Watch the webinar recording, during which Dr. Małgorzata Jabłońska and Natalia Bienias talked about these specific connections.

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