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ux thursday

UX Thursday #18?

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In the first UX Thursday of September, we prepared something about product creation and accessibility research. We also draw your attention to an interesting case study related to the prediction of user behavior and an article dedicated to the PSD2 directive.
For reading, we recommend that you stock up on pizza with double, and maybe even triple cheese, after all, today is her holiday.

1. Product Discover — how to plan product development?

Creating a product that will win the sympathy of the user, but also become important to him, is quite a challenge. Michal Reda in the article “How to build and develop great products, or Product Discovery in action” discovers and explains to you the secrets of planning this process, especially in its early phase.

2. ASOS Case Study: On the Impact of Product Photos on Conversion

On the example of the ASOS store, UI designer Raptis Dimitris shows how innovative tools and technologies can be used (there is AI!) to predict user behavior in the future. The results are surprising, see for yourself!

3. Accessibility study — check how not to shoot yourself in the foot

Jakub Debski in the article “Let's stop with these audits!” took a critical look at the results of the work of accessibility experts. As a result, a list of tips related to creating better audits was created, but also a series of recommendations on how to replace them.

4. Electronic banking in a new version, or what awaits us in the near future

We are approaching the entry into force of the EU PSD2 directive with great strides (already on 14 September). Written by Michała Kisiela article for the portal bankier.pl discusses its main assumptions and changes that await customers using online and mobile banking.

More on this topic from the Ideacto team soon. Keep your eyes and ears open.

5. Finally, a little support for the overworked

Constant stress, exorbitant expectations, endless struggle with time, functioning at top speeds — sounds familiar? Under the link You will find simple solutions to complex problems. Just one click away!

We remind you that if you would like to share with us interesting links from the world of UX, send your proposals to newsletter@ideacto.pl, and we will be happy to share them in the next UX Thursdays.

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