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ux thursday

UX Thursday #2

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Yes, we know that the pre-Christmas fever makes itself felt in every field — projects to finish, gifts for loved ones, Christmas tree... We are all the more happy that you found a moment to read the second edition of our UX Thursday.

Today we have a solid portion of expert advice for you, which will certainly come in handy during design, but also in direct cooperation with customers. In addition, a new tool from Microsoft and a look at the changes that the team under the sign of the green owl is preparing for its users.

1. 7 things every designer should know about business

Specialists in the design of user-centric solutions often do not have enough knowledge and competence to be an equal partner in conversations about the client's strategy and goals. A good start on the path to exploring the basics of business understanding can be Article by Beyond Users.

2. Mobile Checkout Experience

Online stores continue to face the challenge of improving the conversion rate of their mobile channel, even though mobile traffic is steadily increasing year on year. Experts from the NN Group provide a handful of advice on how to design a mobile purchasing process, while providing customers with a high level of usability and experience.

3. Clarity Web Analytics from Microsoft

Microsoft encourages you to try their new analytics tool. So far, it is available in beta, but the range of possibilities offered is tempting. A/B testing, viewing user sessions, and even AI-based typing of abnormal visits (analysis of which can yield valuable and useful data) are the main superpowers that Clarity wields. It's worth checking out.

4. Attention economy

Surely we should treat our attention capacity as a finite resource? Should it resemble a currency that we can more or less freely dispose of? Finally, can our attention be a tool not only for ourselves, but also for others? These are just a few of the questions that come to mind when reading Articles by Dan Nixon, a researcher at The Mindfulness Initiative.

5. Green Owl Metamorphosis

Big changes in Duolingo. The developers of one of the most popular applications for learning foreign languages took up the task of a thorough redesign of its interface. The redesign also did not miss the figure of the owl itself, perfectly known to all users of the app. The duo changed visually, but also significantly expanded the range of their emotions, which you will surely find out by receiving emails reminding you of a missed lesson.

We remind you that if you want to share with us curiosities or news from the field of UX and e-commerce, you can send them to newsletter@ideacto.pland we will add them to our next shipments.

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