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ux thursday

UX Thursday #27

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Today we picked up a handful of tips on how to run your own business and how to use artificial intelligence. To this we add texts about attracting the attention of users (Netflix) and leaving a good impression. Handwriting Day could not be missing advice on how to improve the readability of the texts on the site.


1. 22 “lessons” for small businesses

This could be a good year for your business. If you currently have no idea how to set priorities for the coming months, you may be inspired by the point of view of small business owners — their statements can be found in Compendium prepared by Madeline Blasberg of Leadpages.


2. AI in digital products

In one of articles At UX Planet, Nadya Tsech, a B2B solutions designer, points out what needs to be taken care of when defining business requirements for a new digital product. Check to what extent it is worth using artificial intelligence algorithms in your application or on your website.


3. Sleepless nights with Netflix

A moment of respite with a Netflix series turned into a sleepless night? It seems that a lot of this is due to the treatments used by the creators of the streaming service, as reported in his elaboration Madeline Morley of Eye on Design.


4. How to build a good impression?

Available on Axess Lab text questioning the role of first impressions when interacting with digital products. Hampus Sethfors suggests how to build positive user experiences using, among others, the results of Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman's research.


5. Ways to make texts readable

The dot above the “i” will be tips to help ensure the readability of texts placed on web pages. IN materials designer Caler Edwards shared them on his YouTube channel.

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