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ux thursday

UX Thursday #29

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Today's holiday does not need to be announced - we wish you tasty churros, bomboloni and kiachli. It is worth burning some calories afterwards, and that supposedly the brain consumes energy the fastest, we recommend a set of activating texts. We start with comments about unsuccessful personalization and ideas for reviving your account on the social network. We focus for a moment on trends in digital financial services and comments about the creation of website content, and we end with a design sprint.

1. What to base your personalization on?

A short warm-up will give you text Smith's brand on personalising the user experience. The author describes the main cause of errors in this area and presents possible solutions.

2. Increase the visibility of your business on Facebook

In the next article Nick Wolny suggests what to do if the company's Facebook page caught short of breath. After reading, you can check for yourself whether the proposed ways to overcome stagnation really work.

3. Trends in Design for Financial Services

Take a second breath and get ready for a solid dose of knowledge about trends in digital financial services. The Mobee Dick team report is packed with numerous examples and expert recommendations, so it can be a good source of inspiration for you.

4. How to satisfy the recipient?

If you notice that the content of your site needs to be revived, be sure to take a look at of the entry Aaron Agius. The author will tell you what to avoid when creating content and what solutions should be used if the content is to meet the requirements of the audience and search engines.

5. Is it worth using Design Sprint?

We finish with a sprint in the company of Jeff Davidson. In his article it lists the disadvantages of using Google's popularized process of several days of concept checking and solving design problems. For a complete picture of the situation, we recommend that you also study the comments under Jeff's text.

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