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ux thursday

UX Thursday #40

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Instead of a recipe for a delicious pie, we spotted a handful of tips on the web about designing credible, rationally organized and clear content, a reminder of a few principles of mobile design, and considerations about UX's relationship with AI. On the occasion of International Cheesecake Day, however, we did not forget about dessert.

1. Rules for organizing content on the site


Our list opens published by the Interaction Design Foundation text Mads Soegaard on organizing the content of the page (or application). See how users perceive the visual hierarchy and which design elements influence it.


2. What is Microcopy?


Interested in writing texts according to the principles of UX, Kristin Savage explains the specificity of this type of creativity for the needs of interfaces. IN article you will find (with examples) tips on how to create a microcopy, which will encourage users to act and ensure transparency of the available features.


3. Designing against disinformation


In the WebDotPage monthly, Sandhya Iyer argues that UX design can shape the way people perceive and interpret information. Article presents 3 simple UX strategies that can become a weapon in the fight against fake news.


4. UX Design Patterns for Mobile


The authors of the Fuzzy Math blog remind that designing a mobile interface is not about scaling a desktop design. Entries presents 6 tips to help you determine what information, features and interactions can be useful when using your mobile device in different contexts.


5. UX, artificial intelligence and voice interface


WITH Artikel Debbie Pope you will find out what UX issues are worth paying attention to when developing tools based on artificial intelligence. The advice can be supplemented by a short text Hayden Lausell, who discusses the application of AI-based solutions (including in digital marketing) using the example of voice assistants.


The UX team recommends

Today we recommend a low-calorie dessert in the form reading lists from the area of Design Thinking, which was baked by CYNTHIA VINNEY of CareerFoundry. Bon appetit!

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