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ux thursday

UX Thursday #48

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Today, the people of the United States celebrate Thanksgiving, and we are starting to think about Christmas. Stop writing a letter to Santa Claus for a moment and read about the future of e-commerce, creating space for teams to be creative and designing typography. Today we complete the list with a handful of insights on the role and scope of testing in the design process.

E-commerce development directions

Entries on the blog e-point is a good starting point for the search for future trends in e-commerce. The authors briefly point out several solutions, including the issue of deferred payment, livestream shopping or sentiment analysis. Check and decide if it is worth exploring any of the topics presented in the article.

Creativity vs Productivity

Text Adobe's blog addresses the issue of creativity in projects that require the express creation of unique visual content. Beth Kszan points out the benefits of giving your team space for creative work and suggests three solutions that can support productivity without interfering with the creative process.

Professionally about typography

SWPS University Design Zone returns to our list with enrollment talks two designers of the Department of Graphic Arts. Katarzyna Sowa and Mateusz Antczak share their comments on typography design and its proper use when making design decisions.

Effective design through testing

On the Optimizely blog, check out Perri Bronson's post arguing that testing improves a designed product. Referring to the experience of product managers from AMC Networks, Cameo and Scholl, the author justifies that thanks to research, the designer's work runs more efficiently and its results satisfy users.

Strategy tests according to Codecademy

We stay for a moment on the subject of testing by proposing text Daniel Layfield of Codecademy. The author briefly describes the circumstances in which the concept of strategic testing of the company's service took place. The article also presents changes in several studied areas of the website, highlighting the role played by users in them.

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