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ux thursday

UX Thursday #51

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Highlighting your project with the help of unusual solutions does not always give the desired results. Now that it's freak day, let's experiment. We start with a text with examples of projects that comply with the principles of UX art, we go through comments on errors often detected in UX audits and proposals for improving the interface. To the set we add considerations on meeting the growing expectations of users and smaller and larger designer mishaps scored on Twitter.

A good project doesn't need a lot of effort

We started our search for texts about user experience in digital product design with UX Collective resources. Titus Decali chose 5 examples Noteworthy interfaces — check which design elements made a good impression on the author.

It is worth refreshing the recent commodity Jason Brush on experimentation and bold design style.

Site to improve

Kelsey Notstad summarizes her experience with website audits conducted in 2020. In the text you will find a brief summary of common mistakes along with tips on how to improve the design.

Augmented Reality Interface

Even with the best design, you can find space to make improvements. Rebekah Carter suggests using augmented reality for this purpose. The author gives examples applications of AR technology, also pointing out issues to think about when we want to offer users an excellent experience rather than a worthless gadget.

User expectations and UI

Starting point Artikel Ben Schott's statement is that the growing awareness of users will translate into their requirements in relation to interfaces. The author cites examples of products and services that flatter customer expectations while enabling brands to create lasting relationships with their customers and achieve business goals.

Strange design decisions

Also check out Twitter, where its users will suggest what they consider to be #WeirdUX. In the entertainment package we offer gamewhere for 2 minutes you can be the worst UX designer in the world;)

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