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ux thursday

UX Thursday #55

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We celebrate the International Day of the Master of the Game with a slightly enlarged set of lyrics. Review them all, or let the dice roll decide whether to choose a description of gamification mechanisms, notes on service design, and one of the texts on customer-specific design decisions. You can also stop by articles on the UX design process and two guides to UX research methods.

Gamification in digital products

For a warm-up commodity Explaining what gamification is. Rubens Cantuni discusses the mechanisms of user engagement using the example of several applications and suggests what gamification elements should be considered when designing a digital product.

The Future of Service Design

Text Catarina Silva is a short account of a discussion about the future of service design. In addition to presenting the three guiding ideas, the post redirects to a longer study on Service Design, sponsored by service design specialist Birgit Mager.

Sudden Designer Syndrome

Two articles that you will find on the Speckyboy website show the work with the client from the point of view of the designer. Choose advices Addison Duvall to help balance the needs of the customer and the target users. The same subject, although in a slightly different tone, touches on his text Eric Karkovack presenting design decisions that he himself would not have made.

New challenges in UX design

Michał Malewicz describes the changes that have taken place in the UX design process over the course of a dozen years. In the article you will also find a hint on how to improve and speed up the mentioned process. Others text The same author tells you where to look for applications with a poorly designed interface that is not adapted to the changing world and explains why they are still used.

UX Research Guide

Kimberly Mak presents a complete itinerary on the preparation of interviews with users, their conduct and an effective summary. Hossein Raspberry explains in turn, why both quantitative and qualitative methods of studying user behavior are worth considering when validating the usability of the project.

* Extra roll of the dice
For the persistent short history about the importance of details.

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