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ux thursday

UX Thursday #58

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On World Art Day, we invite you to the text gallery, where you will find, among others, articles on speculative and convergent design and advice on creating environmentally friendly websites. There will also be inspiration from typography creators, reflections on the correct layout of the website and comments on providing constructive feedback.

The art of designing the future

To begin with story Damien Lutz on Speculative Design. The author discusses the design process by giving examples of tools that can be useful at each of its stages. It's worth a look if you want to experiment.

The Art of Being Eco on the Internet

Ecological products and sustainable development are topics that are increasingly addressed also in the context of arranging the virtual world. This time to choose entry Suzanne Scacci tells you what to look out for when creating an environmentally friendly website or a little older text Nick Schäferhoff, who focuses on the benefits of this approach.

The Art of Transformation and Adaptation

The following articles in our collage today are an invitation to get acquainted with the concept of convergent projects. Ian Lee presents three reasons to adopt a product, service and digital technology approach as the foundation for business transformation. The article is a supplement report by Frog on rebuilding retail in a post-pandemic world.

The Art of Teamwork

Jimmy Jenkins discusses web development dilemmas that arise at the interface of the project and the implementation. Find out why a great UI concept can turn into a bad end result, and why good code can affect the layout of your website. And if you often come across ill-considered projects and wonder how to provide constructive feedback, Tara Swanson has a few for you advice.

The art of typography

From time to time, the theme of typography comes back to our list - this time inspiration coming from two sources. Tom May from Creative Boom presents the effect of combining typography and architecture. Jenny Brewer summarizes the use of typography by brands and creative agencies based on this year's Type Foundry Monotype report.

* Since a good joke is also an art, today an additional section with article NN group on April 1st - we could not help ourselves;)

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