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ux thursday

UX Thursday #70

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If you have a hard day at work or a superprogram in traffic jams, you will probably enjoy the opportunity to dedicate yourself on the occasion of Bath Day. You can diversify your warm bath by reading texts from our compilation, inspired by this year's edition of Service Design Days. In addition to a brief report from the mentioned event, today you will find notes on the analysis of business requirements and user needs, examples of applications using modern technologies in everyday life and another handful of tips on the language of communication.

New Perspectives for Service Design

Matilde Cantinho from Koos summarizes the recently concluded Service Design Days 2021 conference. In a short relation Authors will find topics of selected discussions that have a chance to define the approach to service design in the near future.

Identifying Intentions

If you are afraid that reading during the bath will end up drowning your smartphone, listen Podcast prepared by the Frog agency team. Elizabeth Wood and Alexis Puchek invite you to reflect on engaging in understanding: what and how should be designed and the impact of design decisions on the development of proposed solutions.

Methods for collecting design requirements

Text Olivier Renard analyzes the process of collecting requirements during application development. The author describes the possibilities and limitations of three different approaches: field research, information mining supported by user testing, and consulting business analysts.

Experiments with everyday life

In your free time, take a look at the digital collections Everyday Experiments. The authors of the projects posted there try to check how modern technologies (including virtual and augmented reality or lidar) can affect our functioning in the space of our own apartment.

Effective communication

Finally, we recommend itinerary Monzo team on communication within the team and with the “outside” world. The authors suggest, among others, how to talk about technical issues or difficult topics in a transparent way, building the trust of the recipients of the message.

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