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ux thursday

UX Thursday #76

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We welcome Philatelist Day with another batch of UX industry news. In today's collection, a description of the trends that will be in force in 2022 could not be missing. Also included in the catalogue are: a short list of common UX mistakes, some inspirations for the product guide and tips on how to present search results effectively. Finally, a handful of thoughts for UX managers on building mature design teams.

UX Trends and Predictions for 2022

We traditionally start the year by tracking UX trends — we suggest Compendium taking into account the point of view of users and business, branded by Jenna Romano and Avitala Santo. For the complete set, take a look at text Mike Elgan explaining why the transformation of the global web into a decentralized Web3 is unlikely. It is also worth checking what predictions about the development of voice interfaces he collected in his article Pete Swabey.

5 Common Mistakes in UX Projects

Jonathan Kim describes 5 common usability errors. The author presents examples of solutions in which designers' intentions clash with the needs of users and suggests how to avoid the described problems.

8 inspirations for onboarding

Serra Alban looks at the processes of user onboarding during the first contact with a digital product. IN text you will find solutions from several guides on the interface, which are intended to facilitate familiarization with the functions of a given tool and facilitate its comfortable use.

UX in building knowledge graphs

Karen Passmore presents the topic of knowledge graphs in the context of the UX design process. The author shares remarks on search, the result of which is to share data from different systems, build context for information and presentation of semantic metadata, but also effective implementation of artificial intelligence mechanisms

UX team management

Yaron Cohen analyzes the challenges faced by people managing UX teams. Article takes up, among others, issues of implementing new team employees, taking care of the constant development of UX specialists and setting UX indicators or sharing acquired knowledge.

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