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ux thursday

UX Thursday #77

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Today's roundup opens up a conversation that may interest aspiring UX designers. For designers grinding the workshop, we recommend articles about creating component variants in Figma, ways to optimize and good practices for creating main pages. In turn, for those planning career development, we propose texts indicating the potential direction of changes in the digital world and the desired attitudes of its creators. And we are celebrating Penguin Knowledge Day, so despite the extremely windy weather, think warmly about these cute animals.

The beginnings of a career in the UX industry

Tomasz Skórski invited Anna Tylikowska and Agnieszka Zwolińska to dandTemptation on taking your first steps in the UX industry. Interviewees share comments on, among others, building a portfolio, gaining experience and working in the profession of UX designer. In addition to accessing the podcast, on the site you will find a transcript of the conversation and a list of useful links.

Components in Figma

Aleksandra Nagornaia describes her approach to creating components in Figma, which was based on the desire to facilitate cooperation between designers and developers. Article presents the process itself, notes on the benefits and possibilities of its application and a link to a file in Figma, which allows you to test the solutions developed by the author.

UX at the service of optimization

Alessandro Contini from Red Hat analyzes a case where UX design helped improve site performance. The author presents the assumptions of the design process, its next steps and summarizes the effects of changes in the context of the loading time of the page and the improvement of interaction within the user interface. In addition, we propose a WebEnteria report on the creation of effective (i.e. converting) landing pages. The comprehensive study includes an analysis of the websites of Fortune 500 companies — a link to it, along with a summary of key issues, can be found in a short Introducing Steve Ohanians.

Opportunities and challenges of the metaverse

Judging by the growing number of publications on the metaverse, interface developers should just be considering adapting their design workshop for the new medium. By Kyle Pace introduction to the aforementioned subject, in which he considers the bright and dark sides of functioning in a world based on AR and VR technologies. Potential applications of the concept of interconnected 3D virtual spaces were also included in the brief relation, with which Henry Wong sums up this year's CES. If you prefer a more philosophical approach to the topic, it is worth taking a look at the latest essays Adam's Treasure.

Foundations of designing the digital world

At the end, short text Adam Hart mentioned earlier today. The author analyzes the processes and attitudes of the creators of digital products that turn good ideas into solutions whose main goal is to generate profits.

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