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ux thursday

UX Thursday #78

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International Ditch Day could herald a hard day at work, but we remind you that golden retrievers also celebrate their holiday (supposedly always early to dig something out of the ground). We assume that you also have your own ways to spare time, so we invite you to read. Today we dug up articles for you about user-centered SEO, an agile approach to design and interesting examples of the direct sales model. There are also considerations about ethics in two contexts: the use of gamification mechanisms in digital products and conducting research with users.

Optimization (for) internet search

Blog Many Pixels presents a guest entry Vaibhara Kakkara on the focus of SEO activities around user experience. In this context, the author lists the essential elements of the website design, showing their impact on search engine optimization. Check out the Vertical Leap blog by Ben Jayston submits forecast of the development of Google's MUM technology in 2022 with several examples of how the search engine works.

Bringing the brand closer to users

Entries Ian Dean of Creative Bloq enumerates trends in the use of NFTs in different areas of our digital presence. It is worth digging out from the text about how well-known brands make use of NFTs by reaching their (potential) customers directly. You can also find lessons on marketing strategy based on a model that bypasses intermediaries on the Core DNA blog, where case study Quill brand is given as an example of a creative approach to this topic.

Ethical gamification

WITH text From Alexandre Brito, you'll learn how gamification affects user engagement, when it benefits them, and whether it can be harmful. The author also lists some good practices for creating a sustainable design that takes into account both positive user experiences and business requirements.

Guidelines for the Responsible UX Researcher

The topic of ethics in design is also raised by Melanie Buset — this time in the context of conducting research with users. Article suggests how to create and implement guidelines that will bring the researcher's actions in line with moral principles, and lists examples of such recommendations.

Agile design teams

Marion Duncan encourages you to rethink the role of designers in the process of creating a digital product. IN text there were, among others, suggestions on balancing the need to measure the results of the project team's work and leave room for creativity.

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