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ux thursday

UX Thursday #83

Illustration of, laptop, notebook, person reading

In today's graphic you will find inspiration from Dolphin Day (and a little bit from the Day of Looking at the Sky), and in the compilation texts about the specifics of working in-house and in agencies, amateur data analysis and digital versions of daily activities. We've also included links to personal reflections on developing the skills needed during design and feedback on one of the trends trying to make a name for itself on the global web.

Agency work vs. in-house

Erin Young prompts novice UX designers, how agency work differs from employment in the internal department of the company. The list of topics to consider included, among others, the question of the diversity of tasks, the relationship with colleagues and the client's team and, last but not least, earnings.

Imitation of reality

On the website of Grafmag magazine Konrad Dziejarski analyzes the digitalization of processes from the surrounding reality. IN article there are examples of applications that work at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds and thoughts on the role of UX designers when creating them. The article complements a random case study of the application created by the team of the author of the text.

Exercises in visual design

Based on personal experience Jeff Zych describes the process of developing visual design skills. Entries in the author's blog he talks about fonts, color and branding, and each of the issues raised is accompanied by a list of recommended reading.

The Data Analyst in All of Us

Cassie Kozyrkov showsthat humans have a natural tendency to collect, process, and draw conclusions from data, suggesting that not only professional analysts can use data to make decisions.

Skeptical about cryptocurrencies

Andy Budd talks about trends in the virtual world. Essays the author joins the discussion on cryptocurrencies, while sharing comments about online communities, changes in the way we interact, and the creation of digital products.

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