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ux thursday

UX Thursday #86

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On Paper Airplanes Day, we wish all mothers that the drawers of their desks do not lack material for constructing airplanes today. If you have managed to temporarily occupy children's hands and heads, we recommend texts about the limitations of the Design Thinking process, unsuccessful design decisions and the use of personas and archetypes. Today's summary also included a conversation about the possibilities offered by a decentralized network and a reminder of the concept of life-centered design.

A Critical Look at Design Thinking

Nick Foster summarizes Your thoughts on the design thinking process. In assessing the usefulness of this method and formulating objections to it, the author encourages us to consider what it means to be a designer. If you want to know more points of view on the issues described, we also recommend taking a look at the comments to the text.

Design decisions to think about

Three yellow cards for design decisions that require refinement. The first from the Mozilla team Presenter the results of an analysis of the level of security and privacy provided by mental health applications. Witold Wrodarczyk from Adequate punctuates the most common mistakes of the consent management system. In turn, the editorial staff of Canvs typifies 3 solutions implemented in popular applications that have a chance to annoy users.

Personas vs Archetypes

Sometimes it's worth going back to basics, which is why on the NN Group blog, Page Laubheimer recalls the principles of using personas and archetypes. Text is short and pretty obvious, so you don't have to stop folding the plane (we know it's hard to stop, and this post-it was already outdated after all).

Talk about the potential of Web 3.0

Agnieszka Kranz invites Conversation with Maciej Budkowski about projects in the area of Web 3.0. The interview included topics concerning, among others, the opportunities and challenges that the decentralized network poses to companies operating in its area and examples of promising projects.

Design in a big way

Extensive commodity Damien Lutz analyzes concepts that go beyond user-centered design. The author describes the stakeholders of projects based on life-centered design, outlines 3 main design assumptions and indicates the most important practices to be a guide for designers (products and services) and the business side.

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