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ux thursday

UX Thursday #95

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Today is National Loud Reading Day, so find an audience, sit back and get to work. And you have to read texts about the possibilities of change in the approach to UX/UI design, the phenomenon of TikTok and engaging users with a properly selected sound design and pop-ups. Finally, leave yourself an instruction for practicing creativity.

UX/UI Design Rebellion

On the Digital Skills blog, take a look at essay discussing the impact of generational changes on trends in the design of solutions for digital technologies. The authors wonder, among other things, whether the generation of digital natives has a chance to find motivation and inspiration to build a new version of the global web.

TikTok's recipe for success

Text Kalley Huang at the NYT looks at how TikTok is reaching Gen Z people through personalized content and how this is affecting the changing habits of searching for information on the internet. For more information, check out Rest of World, where you will find commodity Rui Ma on e-commerce performed by TikTok. The author wonders what is behind the popularity of purchases combined with live streaming, what the platform has achieved in China and whether there are chances that it will repeat itself outside the borders of the Middle Kingdom.

Sound at the service of UX

Rebecca Barnatt-Smith of Loop11 wonders how inclusion in sound design affects UX improvement. IN article You will find some notes on how to support users in achieving their goals when exploring sites using sounds.

Pop-ups in the Conversion Service

Text Nikolett Lorincz from OptiMonk presents good practices for designing popups. The author gives 5 tips to improve the user experience with pop-ups and ultimately increase the conversion rate.

Creativity training

Nate Schloesser at UX Magazine convincesthat as part of the development of creativity, it is worth making a habit of throwing out parts of your ideas. The author gives arguments for looking at the project from different perspectives and proposes an exercise to help bring the described concept into practice.

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