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Ideacto designed a new website for Black Point

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A few weeks ago, a new service from Black Point, a manufacturer of alternative printer consumables, was launched. Ideacto was responsible for the functional design, graphic design and implementation.

Black Point is a market leader in the production and distribution of alternative printer consumables. Every day, Black Point produces 1,000 toners and inks, uses 3,000 ink and replaces 5,000 used parts in the process of manufacturing printer materials. When partnering with the Ideacto agency, the company needed to fundamentally change the image of its website.

Interaction designers at Ideacto started their work by thoroughly familiarizing themselves with the business goals set and conversations with the target users of the site. During individual interviews, customer expectations were established, which allowed us to focus from the beginning on designing a website friendly to Internet users. That is why at Ideacto the work is based on the User Centered Design methodology, which puts the user of the site at the center of the entire project.

At the next stage, the information architecture was created, and then on their basis functional mock-ups. In total, the designers created about 11 mockups on the basis of which the graphic designers developed the initial look & feel of the entire website. After acceptance of the concept by the customer representatives, a complete layout of the site was created.

“Designing a new website for Black Point was quite a challenge, not only because of the need to fundamentally change the brand image on the web, but also the need to uniquely present a wide range of products that are visually similar to each other.”— says Karolina Romińska, Project Manager at Ideacto.

It is also worth mentioning that in terms of functional design, a version of the website was created available for mobile devices in RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology. Interestingly, in the case of creating RWD models, the designer only used the so-called paper-prototyping. The mock-ups were created entirely on paper without the involvement of a computer program. This made it possible to reduce the time needed to design them, and thus to take care of the budget of the entire project. In today's reality, providing users with easy access to the website not only from a desktop but also from a smartphone or tablet is slowly becoming standard.

“We have just started changing the image of the Black Point brand — an expert in its industry — with activities on the Internet. Thanks to cooperation with specialists from Ideacto, we managed to realize and implement a service that fully meets our expectations. Its advantage is the combination of great design with our business requirements.” — says Marcin Kubacki, Commercial Director at Black Point S.A.

The Blackpoint.pl website was implemented on the basis of CMS WordPress, which is used as standard in the work of the Ideacto agency. Of course, web developers have adapted it to the customer's requirements so that its operation is simple and does not take too much time without the need to involve IT staff.

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