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Opportunities and threats - PSD2 in Poland

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Regulatory changes have been forced by evolving technology, the threat of cybercrime and the need to strengthen competitiveness in banking services.

We at IDEACTO and our partner INTECA, not only watch this evolution, but also take an active part in it. One of the consequences of our work is the publication “Opportunities and threats - PSD2 in Poland”, which we would like to share with you.

The directive entered into force on 14 September, but many people are still not fully aware of the power of the legislation and the potential it brings. Fortunately - in general terms - it should be beneficial primarily for the average Kowalski. PSD2 aims to improve the security of users in the context of online payments, which is a response to growing cybercrime, and to increase competitiveness in the financial services market.

The growing number of new banking and peri-banking entities to improve the quality and efficiency of the use of their funds by European Union citizens requires the development of more detailed operating rules.

In the e-book prepared by us, you will find information that will both illuminate the meanders of the world of banking, law, technology and User Experience for those who are less familiar with the industry until now, as well as those aimed at professionals, who are familiar with legal issues in the world of finance on a daily basis.

The publication also includes comments from 20 experts representing such entities as BNP Paribas, Alior Bank, Nest Bank, Allegro or Santander Bank.

We would like to thank our partner INTECA for the joint implementation of the publication and Dziennik Gazeta Prawna for the media support. We encourage you to download free e-book and broaden your knowledge of the changing world of finance.

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