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Personalization - the future of sales

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Stefan is one of a kind, at least he thinks so. In fact, he is an average consumer - he lives in the center, so in the morning he is awakened by the city, which enters his room through the window; after work he sometimes goes shopping in the supermarket, where certain products try to convince him that they are unique, which is why he increasingly chooses e-shops; sometimes he jumps out for a beer - he then returns home on a tram decorated with advertisements or on foot under guard Just look at the same billboards. Until he finally gets home, locks the doors and windows, ignores the TV, and what? And silence. After all, Stefan can only think of himself. All day long, everyone wanted something from him or wanted him to want something—and he claims to have seen everything and heard everything.

One evening he came to a house with friends. There were acquaintances or acquaintances of acquaintances around. It was loud and crowded, so in the bustling room most of the conversations that came to him turned into mere hum. Suddenly, however, information appeared that stood out among the others - he heard his name, so he immediately focused on this very conversation. What made him react to that? Emotions. Those that stood out and went straight to his bored heart, making him want to feel more of them or learn more about the subject — he noticed that this was something special for him.

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In the morning before work, a sleepy Stefan visited Starbucks. Pleasant atmosphere, aroma of fresh coffee, beautiful barista. However, he chose this place for a different reason - only there they make coffee specifically for him - “coffee for Stefan”, and not some common “latte coffee” there for everyone. Sipping a sip of his drink, he remembered that when he visited the place for the first time he ordered only a small coffee, and now he not only chooses the big version, but also often eats his favorite cake - he has confidence and feels almost at home here. As if he was sitting at his own table in the kitchen in the morning.

Stefan likes to share his life with his friends, so he marked on Facebook where he is now; in a comment on the cafe's profile, he asked about the possibility of introducing a new type of coffee; and he rated the place itself with five stars - so what! Next time he'll probably meet one of his friends. Using local wi-fi, he conveniently ordered two books in an online bookstore — also his favorite — appreciates lower prices than offline, but above all instant delivery of goods, the size of the offer, the clarity of the design and the benefits of setting up your own account on the website.

Later, in case the caffeine level in his blood dropped, he bought another bottle of Coca-Cola. A bottle, not the first better one, but one that he chose for himself - with the inscription “the boss of all bosses”, and with this thought he set to work.

We are all Stefans

And what did Stefan's visit to the cafe look like from behind the counter? The barista added an additional paid cookie to the ordered coffee — oh, sweet cross-selling — after all, 74% of customers are willing to spend more because of good and pleasant service. Then, with a smile, she asked him his name — so that he would feel distinguished and his coffee would become unique. Previously, he received a message on the phone with information about current promotions - all roads lead us to the client and the client to us. Finally, he let his friends know about his positive impressions on social media — great word of mouth marketing, especially considering that as many as 95% of dissatisfied consumers will tell others about the experience. The store in any form is a meeting place for the seller with the customer - so it is worth creating this place with him and for him - after all, we go on one cart. Or rather a basket.

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