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User experience a customer experience

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“OH! You take care of customer experience. And is it not by chance the same as...” - and then there are usually several proposals, thrown adequately to the casting industry. So how is it with this CX? Answering the question of what he is not, by the way, we will tell you about what he is.

Customer experience is not only...

User experience

UX vs CX? If you put these two tough fighters in the ring, it would turn out that a boxer who wears the proud inscription “CX” on his belt would have to beat himself with his glove marked “UX”. On the other hand, looking at them “from the kitchen” UX is the chocolate filling of the CX croissant — that is, without user experience, the whole thing would be tasteless, but it would not be whole without other ingredients — and what ingredients such an effect. Our customer may be delighted with everything we would consider UX — for example, when he is comfortable running around in shoes from our store — but at the same time his general associations with our brand can be weak — if the courier from the shipping company we work with was moderately nice that day — then part of the dissatisfaction, like a meaningful pebble, lands in our yard.

Customer Support

Contact with the customer, i.e. customer service, is only part of his experience with our company — one single piece of delicious cake. And what about the rest, which the consumer intends to eat equally tasty? After all, your appetite increases as you eat. Unfortunately, many companies answer the question about their CX activities: “our Customer Service Department copes well with customer experience”. It's nice, but the customer visits our brand not only in the rooms that we will open in front of him, but even in those to which the door is only slightly ajar, because it is good if he feels at home with us. And if in any of the rooms a customer stumbles over a rolled carpet, then it will be the fault of our carpet.


Omni-channel is like a journey where a customer goes with us — and he really likes to visit different places. He wants to see as much as possible and at the same time get to his destination as quickly as possible — so during such a trip he would like to change as comfortably as possible. And this convenience will be provided to him if we organize all types of transport by ourselves, like a comprehensive travel agency — consistently and transparently. But everything — from the views, to the transport, to your driver — everything has to be positive for him. Our customer begins their shopping journey on a mobile device, sitting on the couch; then moves to the computer to find even more information about the product; then jumps to the tablet where they receive their discount; and makes the purchase in the physical store.

Big data

“Even more customer information!” “You hear from the offices of some companies that think that the more data, the better CX and that's enough. However, having a lot of information and using it unskillfully is like a big closet in our bedroom, filled to the brim with clothes we don't walk in. The mere possession of a hammer does not yet make us a refined DIYer who will “build, renovate, furnish”. Of course, using a lot of data about what our customers like, dislike and expect, we can get to know them better and match the offer to them — however, we're talking to people, not numbers, so our CX without taking into account emotions, will be like a fizzy cola.

All customer experiences

Focal study. In the room sits a select group of several people who hear the slogan “customer experience”. First associations? — each of the above. Who's right? Every one. After all, in order for our entire brand to be perceived positively, from the product, by the polite salesman, to Mr. Zdzisia from the security, everything must play like a well-tuned orchestra. Returning to the confectionery analogy - even if we are a delicious cake that the customer bakes so that his ears shake, then when he hits a piece in which a small walnut shell damages his tooth - he will think a second time about choosing another provider of sweet sensations.

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