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ux thursday

UX Thursday #101

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The first roundup this year falls on popcorn day! So we recommend that you celebrate this day in the evening with a bowl of roasted corn with a good movie in the cinema or in your own four corners. Meanwhile, we invite you to our compilation, in which, among others, about designing for the world of the future, DevTools tool and creating personas. We also give you a wide range of useful and functional design inspirations!

Designing for the World of the Future

At the beginning of the list, we want to share with you a couple of articles about responsible design for the future. Vadim Grin in his post considershow big a role is in the hands of designers and how much they can change the world. Claire Matthews distrusts and the scale of responsibility for the planet that weighs on designers and their decisions.

The recipe for getting along better with the developer

If you are not already using Chrome DevTools, the beginning of the year is a great time to get acquainted with this tool. With it, designers are able to better understand the basics of how the web works and how websites are connected to each other, and when reviewing a project during the implementation process, DevTools can help find and correct errors in the project. About this and other uses of DevTools for designers writes in his article Filip Grynic.

Stop making fictitious personas, start talking to people

Chris Kernaghan in his text tries to emphasize how important a person and his real needs should be for every UX designer from the very beginning. The scenario when there is a lack of funds for in-depth interviews with potential users of the interface, resulting in the creation of fictional personas is probably familiar to most of you. Let's see what solutions Chris has for this problem.

Not only attractive, but also functional

Are you limited to Dribble and Behance in your search for inspiration? These sites can be a great source of interesting visual solutions, unfortunately they are often not functional proposals that have the right to exist in the real world. Reetesh Badlani has selected 15 pages, which collect projects that are not only attractive but also compatible with UX laws, solving real problems and those that have actually been developed to function on the web.

UI Inspirations
Finally, we leave it for you collection of inspirational designs and Top 10 Apps according to Fireart, which comprise diverse concepts for multiple industries, including banking apps and educational platforms.

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