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ux thursday

UX Thursday #111

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The National Dog Therapy Day falls on June 15 and is celebrated to promote and educate about the positive effects of dogs on people's health and well-being. Dog therapy is based on the use of human-dog interaction to improve the physical, emotional and social condition of patients. This form of therapy, conducted in a conscious and responsible manner, brings numerous benefits, including reducing stress, improving mood and increasing social interaction. We encourage you to learn more about dog therapy and to read today's compilation of articles from the world of UX!

With Accessibility in Mind

Hoe Screen-Reader gebruikerstype op en controle mobiele apparaten is the title Article published by Nielsen Norman Group, which discusses the importance of the accessibility of browsed pages and applications for users using screen readers and outlines the principles of designing interfaces that enable the effective use of such tools. There are many key elements that allow readers to read correctly, like the use of semantic markup in the code of a web page. In the article you will also find some examples of incorrectly designed interface elements that can hinder the use of the site for people with visual disabilities.

Invitation to workshop

Looking through the latest content published by the Nielsen Norman Group, our attention was also caught commodity providing benefits and practical tips for engaging users in design processes and workshops. Collaborating with users during workshops allows a better understanding of their needs and expectations and can contribute to the creation of more useful and satisfying products. The article highlights the importance of diversity of participants to accommodate different perspectives and experiences and describes the steps to be taken to conduct a successful workshop, such as planning objectives, preparing relevant materials and moderating discussions.

Product listing: good practices

We recommend your attention Article published by Baymard Institute focusing on strategies to improve the readability of product listing pages, which often suffer from a lack of clear information and context, leading to user frustration. In the article you will find some recommendations, such as using specific titles, displaying relevant information before buying, placing filtering and sorting in a prominent place, and displaying additional product information as part of the list. Providing clear and easily accessible information is crucial in making purchasing decisions and improving the readability of product lists contributes to increased conversions and user satisfaction.

UX writing at a premium

But in my experience, successful teams have one thing in common. They keep the discipline of writing on equal footing with design - Nick DiLallo writes in his Text published on Medium. The article highlights the important role of UX writers and UX writers in project teams, whose presence is essential to achieve a high quality user experience. There are several reasons: creating consistent content, communicating design intentions and adapting the language to the needs of the audience, better understanding and communication with users, improving the quality of interaction with the product.

A corner of knowledge and inspiration

In this entry on the Prototypr blog you will find a list of several fonts that'll make your code look great:) And finally, something for fans of awards and distinctions - European Design Award 2023 handed out, so we encourage you to check List of all winners and to draw inspiration.

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