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ux thursday

UX Thursday #124

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New year, new challenges in UX. In the first edition of our newsletter we look at the forecasts and quote you texts about, among others, which key trends in UX and design will dominate (or not) the coming year. We also celebrate Spaghetti Day, which falls today 🍝

We invite you to read!

Top 7 UX Trends in 2024

We start with Fabrity's blog article, in which the author lists seven key trends in the area of UX that are worth watching in the coming year. Not surprisingly, AI's growing role in interface design — it is projected to be a key factor in improving the personalization of user experiences. Another important element is rightly the growing popularity and necessity of designing for diverse social groups. The author also points out the importance of close collaboration between UX and analytics teams to better understand and meet user expectations and highlights the importance of ethics in design, encouraging the creation of products that respect user privacy and are socially responsible.

Agile and UX approach

UX for the Masses published the text, in which he confronts and identifies several key errors in agile practices that can negatively affect the user experience. For example, the text calls into question the tendency to look for one universal designer/researcher instead of specialists. Instead, it is recommended to create teams of different specialists, which better respond to parallel design requirements. Attention has also been drawn to the error of planning only one sprint forward, which can lead to short-sighted decisions and the accumulation of project debt. Instead, teams should have a clear goal for the next 3-4 sprints and determine how they fit into the overall vision of the product.

Design direction

We return to trends - this time in UX/UI design. In the article UX/UI Design Trends Going Into 2024 We read about the four most important trends in the coming year. Among them are immersive technology such as VR and AR, increasingly popular and offering users new and exciting ways to interact with digital devices. We also read about the need to focus more on usability than aesthetics and creating interfaces that are easy to use and allow users to achieve their goals. It will also be important to personalize and adapt designs to the individual needs and preferences of users. These are just a few of the trends - the rest in the article!

Inspirations and recommendations

At the very end, for those of you who plan your year in advance and like to have your calendars full - list of events and conferences from all over the world that are worth watching this year.

We also leave a link to report The 2024 State of the Website Prepared by Webflow.

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