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ux thursday

UX Thursday #125

Image of Winnie the Pooh

January 18 - Winnie the Pooh Day ­čŹ» Today is a tribute to A.A. Milne, author of stories about Winnie the Pooh, who was born on this day in 1882. The stories of the adventures of a bear with very little intelligence and other characters inhabiting the Hundred Thousand Forest are timeless and each of us, regardless of age, is certainly able to find valuable life lessons in them.

And today's UX Thursday, maybe not quite as entertaining and informative as the stories about the little bear, but instead full of trivia and inspiration from the UX industry!

ÔÇŹLess is more?

Can minimalism lead to a lack of diversity in design? Such a question asks in his article Ida Persson and wonders if by striving for simplicity, a world is created in which everyone seems the same, which in turn can lead to the elimination of differences and individuality. The author raises the problem of simplified representation of people in design, especially in the context of symbolism. It highlights the fact that it is necessary to go from simplicity to expansion, adding diversity, courage, understanding complexity and creating spaces where people can share their full stories.

News in applications: good practices

User Guiding Blog Article discusses the importance of communicating with users through in-app messaging. In the text you will find the differentiators of the most key aspects of creating this type of notification and the best practices. Well-targeted notifications, visible when using the mobile app or on the desktop, allow companies to engage users in a timely manner and at the most appropriate stage of their use.

A few words about data-driven design

We recommend text published on the blog Boldare, in which the author describes the importance of data-driven design as a standard approach to creating digital products. In addition, he points out that data-driven design fits perfectly with the general data-driven approach to business decision making. Correctly implemented, it can closely link the development of digital products to business goals.

Validation in forms

The Baymard Institute has published commodity, which addresses the issue of online form validation, with a particular focus on inline form validation. Real-time validation, informing users of errors during data entry, can effectively improve the user experience. There are several key aspects of successfully implementing real-time validation, including avoiding validation too early, removing error messages after field correction, and applying ÔÇťreal-time positive validationÔÇŁ to all fields.

ÔÇŹKnowledge and Inspiration

We drop it off for testing plug for Figmawhich converts animations to Lottie - tools for creating animations.

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