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ux thursday

UX Thursday #17

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Today we start with a warning against hard-to-digest projects. Then we serve up inspirations that can make your projects unique. The main course is a handful of tips for starting a new website, and for dessert, a portion of readings selected by Google employees. Feel free to treat yourself, after such a meal you are unlikely to be threatened by the visit of the Tooth Fairy (and it is today in the USA that her day is celebrated).

1. The Wasted Potential of a Silver Tsunami

We recommend a short article on age-appropriate design for users. Agata Skoczkowska draws attention to the problems that sooner or later every visitor to our website may have.

2. Inspiration from Hollywood

Color builds the mood, as British designer Gaby Smith pretends. Her compilation color palette Some of the famous movies can be a pretty good inspiration.

3. New version of FontAwesome

Good news for icon lovers: Font Awesome Pro provides a new style as part of a subscription — Duotone. Taste and share your impressions.

4. A good start is the basis

Site ready? Ready to show it to the world? The Icon8 team suggests, What to check before the premiere. P.S. Even if your website is not new, is it still worth a look?

5. And now it's time for a well-deserved rest

A vacation behind the belt and reading for the beach still not selected? We check what others are reading by looking at private libraries of Google employees.Have a nice rest!

We remind you that if you would like to share with us interesting links from the world of UX, send your proposals to newsletter@ideacto.pl, and we will be happy to share them in the next UX Thursdays. [FM_form id=” 1″]

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