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ux thursday

UX Thursday #21

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Before we get into UX specifics, we can't help but mention yesterday's holiday — we wish all bosses only successful projects and lots of interesting challenges!

And in our UX-Thursdays, you will find recordings recorded during the conference “(winding) paths of the eCommerce consumer”, something about cognitive errors and mistakes of designers and creative landing pages. Finally, a little support in generating ideas.

1. Video: materials from the conference “(winding) paths of the eCommerce consumer”

Publicis Groupe in its report included an analysis of research on the behavior of users of online stores. Recordings from the first part of the conference accompanying the publication of the report are now available. You will learn from them, among others, how content influences users' decisions, how to gain loyal customers and how cosmetics are bought online in Poland.

2. 10 design mistakes we still make

The book “Don't Make Me Think” by Steve Krug is a must-read for every UX designer. In the article on the Marvel App blog you will find a lot of examples and a description of the 10 most common mistakes made in the design process. Do you find them in your projects?

3. 84 Cognitive Mistakes That Affect Users' Decisions

Cognitive errors are traps of our mind that affect the decision-making process. Article contains a list of such mistakes that help lead the customer to a purchase. Find out which ones are better to avoid and which ones you can turn to your advantage.

4. How to perform the Crazy Eights exercise?

Are you looking for a workshop or a design sprint? Be sure to familiarize yourself with Crazy Eights — a method of generating ideas. In the article you will find instructions for conducting exercise-warm-upwhich is great for brainstorming.

5. 26 examples of creative landing pages

A well-designed landing page can focus the user's attention and lead them to a purchase. It is worth knowing what contributes to this. IN text You will find information about the key elements of each landing page and some creative inspirations.

We remind you that if you would like to share with us interesting links from the world of UX, send your proposals to newsletter@ideacto.pl, and we will be happy to share them in the next UX Thursdays. [FM_form id=” 1″]

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