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ux thursday

UX Thursday #3

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New year, new... UX Thursday!

We enter 2019 with a supply of good energy and concreteness, which you will find quite a lot below. From Rhys Nealon and Wojtek Kutyła you will learn how to build a strong and effective UX team, and Eugen Eşanu will give you some interesting facts about user behavior.

In addition, Wizard — an application for designers that allows you to quickly convert analog sketches into digital versions, and for dessert the best of design from TED speeches, i.e. a selection of the InVision team.

Let it be a really well-designed 12 months for you!

1. Control UX Debt

In the course of carrying out a project, we often find ourselves in a situation where certain restrictions force us to take shortcuts. Thus, the so-called “UX debt” is created, which, if ignored, can lead not only to typical design problems, but also negatively affect the user experience. WITH Article NN Group you will learn how to identify debt at the right time and how to deal with it effectively.

2. Accelerate with Wizards

It is certainly worth taking some of your precious time to familiarize yourself with and test Wizzard — an application created by an international team, aimed at improving the work of designers. All it takes is a smartphone with an app to transfer analog sketches into digital mockups or even simple HTML code in a few moments.

3. Ux's Dream Team

What should I do when building a UX team? What kind of people and skills to match with each other to get a cohesive and effective, expert team? You will find a lot of hints and tips in conversation between Wojtek Kutyła and Rhys Nealon — UX and service design designer.

4. 7 rules that influence our behaviors

A lot of interesting insights related to the behavior of customers, their fears, the pain of loss and the joy of profit, but also the creation of the right context and the impact on the senses when making decisions. A portion of valuable knowledge for designers and more.

5. InVision recommends

Letter design, the cover of the “New Yorker”, or maybe the search for joy in images? The InVision team has chosen The Most Interesting Talks Since the Beginning of TED, taking up the theme of design. It is worth taking a look and listening.

We always encourage you to contribute to UX Thursdays. If you have found valuable, industry content, you can send it to us by sending a message to newsletter@ideacto.pl, and we will definitely find a place for them in our next shipments.

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