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ux thursday

UX Thursday #39

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On the occasion of World Snake Day, we tempt today with texts on design decisions affecting the presidential election or the environment. You'll also find tips on how to talk about users, when it's worth breaking design rules, and what to look out for when optimizing your conversion rate. Finally, a video commentary by Don Norman about the role of designer.

1. How to Reach Voters

Diana Malevich convincesthat a good project can support you in many situations, even if you are running for president. We reassure those who are tired of campaigning before the last elections — this is not a text about politics.

2. Diet website

Gerry McGovern proposes to look at web design from the perspective of their energy consumption. In his text the author suggests how to reduce the weight of sites and reduce their environmental impact with the help of design decisions.

3. Creativity vs good practice

Good design practices arise when designers want to efficiently create useful solutions that allow them to be used with minimal effort and frustration. Article Mashy Shaposhnikova in UX Magazine presents an example of a site breaking several established rules and explains why sometimes it can pay off.

4. Telling user stories

How to help people involved in the project understand user behavior? Jamie Acker responds showcasing some practices useful in creating stories that help you slip into the shoes of the people we design for.

5. CRO and the optimal user journey

Digital marketing experts at Omniconvert asked colleagues about the impact of conversion factor optimization on user experience. The effect is extensive entry on a company blog, presenting different points of view — some points worth highlighting with a snake.

In addition, one of our designers recommends a short youtube commentary Don Norman on the designer's collaboration with the people his work is meant to serve. By the way, you can refresh yourself with the previous mini-lecture of the speaker, which is the first part of this story about human-oriented design (you will find the link under the mentioned video).

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