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ux thursday

UX Thursday #41

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Warm your hands, because you may want to scroll through texts about CRO and UX relationships and legitimacy by conducting a UX audit. In addition, tips on mobile application design, reflections on the privacy paradox that accompanies the acquisition of user data, and a few loose remarks about the organization of work of the UX designer. All this on the International Day of Left-Handed People.

1. How CRO and UX go hand in hand


Have you ever tried to wash your coffee cup while holding your phone in your other hand? A similar level of creativity is required to optimize the conversion rate without the support of UX design. In the recently updated article Nida Zehra shows how CRO and UX teams can collaborate and share knowledge.


2. A few comments on UX audit


If you are thinking about conducting a UX audit, take a look at the Koncept app blog. In one of Entries Marijana Vukovic briefly explains what such an analysis looks like, when to carry it out and what its results can be useful for.


3. 11 best practices for mobile app development


Article Sophia Martin is a solid dose of guidance on structure design, user convenience and functionality of mobile applications. All backed up by a good handful of statistics, so it remains only to throw all your hands on board and start designing.


4. User data and experience design


Analyzing user information is the basis for creating personalized experiences when interacting with a digital product. Corina Ştirbu discusses elements that reinforce trust in leaving data in the application or on the website in the context of users' reactions to the monitoring of their activity on the web.


5. UX Team Leader Recipe


Working in a cohesive team, we appreciate that we can always count on a helping hand. According to Lorenzo Doremi, the willingness to support colleagues is, by the way, strengthening one's position in the group. Check in article, which still characterizes the candidate for team leader (not just UX).
If you are interested in the topic of work organization, please also look at text Ajayraja Thangaraja. The author suggests trying one of 4 operating modes to increase your efficiency when designing.

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