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UX Thursday #44

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The world celebrates everything “maritime” today as part of World Maritime Day — we return from the catch of texts to today's compilation. In it you will find a handful of statistics for web designers, notes on the cooperation of the UX team and developers and a compilation of customer satisfaction indicators. In addition, a lot of advice on color selection when visualizing data and for novice chatbot developers.

4 reports for web developers

What do the issues of demand for freelance services, the earning potential of designers, changes in shopping trends in e-commerce and content visibility indicators have in common? Suzanne Scacca has widely dumped the nets, resulting in text presenting 4 reports useful from the point of view of web designers.

Data well colored

Article Lisy Charlotte Rost is full of colors that the Great Barrier Reef would not be ashamed of. The author analyzes the mistakes made in the selection of colors on the charts, suggests what they consist of and how they can be eliminated.

Programming and UX design

In the SWPS Design Zone you will find a record talks Ewy Pluty and Dorota Orzeszek on the cooperation of UX designers with programmers. It is worth checking out what a specialist who has professionally dealt with both writing code and issues of usability and availability of digital products has to say.

Let's make a chatbot

Short text Maddie Fritz on the Enterprise Knowledge page helps answer the question of how chatbots can increase the value of a designed solution. The author discusses four points worth considering before starting the process of creating a user-oriented chatbot.

4 customer satisfaction indicators

Sarah Chambers of Help Scout presents 4 metrics that can be used to measure customer satisfaction. Depending on your needs, you can go through the brief descriptions of each indicator or look at the final commodity a summary of the disadvantages, advantages and possible applications of each of the described measurement methods.

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