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ux thursday

UX Thursday #53

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Today is International Cancer Day. In our compilation you will find texts about the design strategy model and a description of the application design, paying attention to sustainability and ethical issues present in UX design, follow the comments on the efficient use of space in the design of the website and the availability of graphics and multimedia. And that prevention is better than cure, take a look at the guide for freelancers on matchmaking.

UX Design Strategy Model

Take a look at text Monique Dubbelman after explaining why a UX design strategy is an essential part of the process of creating a digital product or service. Find out which model of its strategy was developed by the UXATT team and what led to the modification of this model.

Ecomarket app - case study

Mabel Ortega describes their experience in designing an app that supports sustainable shopping. The author reports on the process from examining the needs of users, through the stage of conceptual work and validation, to the creation of a prototype. If you are interested in the effect of these works, click on the project shared in Figma.

Use of space on the website

Article Erica Karkovacka demonstrates how to skillfully arrange images and text within a website design. Check out what issues are worth paying attention to, when the content is just an unnecessary embellishment and what the consequences may be.

Accessibility in the context of visual content

Suzanne Scacca returns to our compilation from time to time with an inspiring text. This time the author showshow to use images and videos so that the end result is in accordance with the rules of accessibility.

How to Choose Projects as a Freelancer

Becca Kennedy has prepared a handful of tips for freelancers who are faced with the question of choosing jobs that are adequate to their capabilities. Concise commodity tells you when it is better to abandon a new project. The author's comments on refusal it is worth remembering on the occasion of the client's request a workload greater than that resulting from the contract.

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