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ux thursday

UX Thursday #54

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It's time to recharge your batteries with a new batch of texts: about design ethics, prototyping and the role of designers in strengthening the design maturity of companies. We turn up the energy with a portion of statistics and a compilation of inspirations for designers creating their portfolios. Today on the calendar is Battery Day.

On ethics in design on the example of Facebook

Reducing our ecological footprint and producing organic food are issues that involve more and more people. Attila Somos from UX Studio proves that the time has come for ethics in digital product design. Article Discusses the creation of interfaces that meet the needs of users, showing with the example of Facebook how simple functions can make a difference in the context of applying ethical design principles.

Design maturity of companies

Elizabeth Alli cites the results of a study conducted by Invision on the links between design practices and business performance. Author of the entry discusses on this occasion the topic of design maturity of companies and the role of UX/UI designers in the process of achieving it. Find out at what level of maturity your company is and what challenges await designers in this regard.

Prototyping rules

Darren Bennett suggestingto think like a programmer when prototyping. Using the example of working with ProtoPie, the author suggests how adopting a few principles allows you to create flexible, easy-to-modify prototypes that will not be prone to errors. It is worth trying if you want to share your own concepts more easily and collaborate within the team.

Statistics to keep in mind

Statistics on user interaction with the website have not been known since today, however this commodity it is worth refreshing yourself. In addition to the presentation of the figures, the authors suggest how the cited indicators can be translated into design decisions.

14 UX designer portfolios

A good project is worth presenting to the world. IN Compendium on the Webflow blog you will find examples of more than a dozen inspiring portfolios of UX designers. Their authors prove that the presentation of their skills can be proof of these skills.Beginner designers will probably also be happy to look at the text with some basic notes on creating a portfolio.

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