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ux thursday

UX Thursday #6

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Today, instead of chocolates and flowers, our team has prepared for you a portion of information from the web design front. We continue the topic of applying design patterns and look at the issue of A/B testing on mobile devices.

We also encourage you to participate in today's webinar organized by QuarticOn and to visit the Clientomania website and listen to the next episode of the podcast — this time at the workshop on digital product design, which our CEO Nikodem Krajewski talks about.

1. Webinar: Polygamy healthy for e-commerce

If you would like to know something about product feeds, today at 16:00 you have a great opportunity to get a little bit into the topic and listen to Karolina Złotkowska, Project Account Manager at QuarticOn, during the webinar. We also encourage you to carefully follow QuartiCon's Facebook profiles and Ideact, because we will soon reveal the details of the joint venture — stay tuned!

2. Podcast: How to design digital products?

58 episode of the Clientomania podcast is a conversation between Arkadiusz Cempura and Nikodem Krajewski, CEO of Ideacto, about user experience, design and insights related to the behavior of users visiting websites and online stores.

3. Web Design 3.0 — is it already?

Has web design become boring? Did all the sites start to look the same? Oleg Dudko from Nicepage in his article comments on the course of the revolution that, in his opinion, is currently taking place in the world of web design and justifies why tools such as Nicepage are needed.

4. A/B testing for mobile-first

Suzanne Scacca from “Smashing Magazine” advises how to face the topic of A/B testing on mobile devices. A lot of tips to help you optimize your website.

5. How to add innovation to design patterns?

One of the basics of interface design is the use of design patterns (patterns) that make users feel “at home”. Zach Watson adviseshow to add an element of innovation to them in order to bring to life solutions that meet the needs and expectations of users.

We remind you that if you would like to share with us interesting links from the world of UX, send your proposals to newsletter@ideacto.pl, and we will be happy to share them in the next UX Thursdays. [FM_form id=” 1″]

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